Dehleez latest news: Swadheenta’s words come true as Asad gets martyred

May 29, 2016

Dehleez latest news: Asad gets killed saving bomb blast amid Adarsh (Harshad Arora) and Swadheenta’s (Tridha Choudhary) wedding

The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will show the heartbreaking moment when Asad will lose his life in a shootout. Asad comes to know about his three friends being terrorists and helps the army as well as the police to save the city from bomb blasts. Asad Does not attend Swadheenta’s wedding and rather gets involved in the mission to search the bombs. While Adarsh and Swadheenta’s wedding takes place, Abhay and Asad are desperately trying to locate the terrorists and their hidden bomb. Swadheenta curses Asad as he did not attend her wedding but Asad silently listens to Swadheenta’s harsh words as he does not want to worry her by informing her about the bombs. With Asad’s help, Yash is able to locate the first bomb and defuse it. The second spot of the blast is also located and the terrorists plan to call off the mission. However, Arvind sends the other two terrorists amid the crowd wearing suicide jackets and pulls the trigger creating bomb blast. Asad watches shocked as his two friends die. Yash comes to know about the third spot being a wedding location, while the army and police are trying to think about a high profile wedding where the blast is planned out, Asad suddenly realizes that the bomb must be planted in Swadheenta and Adarsh’s wedding. The upcoming episodes will have a tragic twist where Abhay and Asad will both hang between life and death. While Abhay will become the target of Arvind’s bullet, Asad will get shot down amid the police fire. On the other hand, Swadheenta’s anger with Asad will calm down and she will say that he is not useless and he will make all of them proud. Swadheenta’s words will turn out to be true as Asad will lose his life saving the bomb blasts taking  place.

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