Dehleez: Manohar gets Haider and Swadheenta trapped, Adarsh realizes truth

Jun 16, 2016

Dehleez: Adarsh (Harshad Arora) comes to know about Haider and Asad’s innocence, may help Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) in her case

The current track of Dehleez shows that Swadheenta’s case becomes weaker and weaker because of the ministry getting involved in trying to prove Haider as the terrorist. Manohar and Jaidev come to know about an internal probe being done which proves that Haider and Asad were innocent. Manohar has to stop Swadheenta from winning the case or else he will lose his job and position. Swadheenta is unknowingly fighting a battle against the ministry who wants Haider to be proved guilty in order to avoid public outrage.

The international criminal Alan Broads give a statement of Haider having terrorist links and Swadheenta gets shocked listening to his statement. Swadheenta ask Mami whether Haider ever met Alan Broad and Mami thinks that Swadheenta has also started to have a doubt on them. A police raid takes place in Haider’s house and the cops find maps, foreign currency and a suspicious CD in the house. Adarsh tells Swadheenta that the items found clearly prove Haider has old connections with terrorist organizations. However, Swadheenta realizes that someone has planted all the clues in the house to make a big set up to trap Haider further more.

It will now be seen that Swadheenta will get convinced about a big hand being involved in the blast case. Swadheenta is more determined to make sure that Haider is proven guilty. Swadheenta will take the help of Paddy, the media reporter, to bring the news across the nation of how Haider is being used as pawn.  On the other hand, Adarsh will also come to know about the internal probe and will start having a doubt on Manohar and Jaidev hiding the truth from him. Will Adarsh start supporting Swadheenta knowing the truth? Will Swadheenta be able to get Haider out of this massive trap? Do write in your comments in the box below to share your views and opinions on Dehleez.

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