Dehleez: Manohar to hide Asad and Haider’s innocence to save his own job

Jun 15, 2016

Dehleez: Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) makes major breakthrough in case but Adarsh’s (Harshad Arora) father Manohar to be her next big hurdle

The current track of Dehleez shows another interesting twist comes up in the storyline as Manohar comes to know about Haider and Asad being innocent. A minister meets Manohar and informs him that a special investigation was done and the reports reveal Asad and Haider being completely innocent. The minster admits that a big blunder has been done by the ministry and police force and if the truth comes out, there will be a nationwide outrage. The minter warns Manohar that if Swadheenta approve the truth, then Manohar will have to resign from his job. Manohar and Jaidev get shocked knowing the truth and decide to keep the truth hidden.

On the other hand, Swadheenta and Suhasini once again have fierce battle in court where Swadheenta make another breakthrough in the case. Swadheenta manages to prove to the judge that Asad was not the only one at the spot of his killing and there was someone else present there too. Swadheenta says that the other person present there was Arvind and he is the key link in the blast case. Hearing Swadheenta’s arguments, Suhasini starts having a doubt on the police report and she questions Yash about it. However, Yash makes sure that Suhasini does not catch his lies and assures her that Asad was the person behind Abhay’s killing.

It will now be seen that the media reporter will show Asad and Haider had terrorist links. Suhasini will try to coax Swadheenta to leave the case and not support the terrorist. Suhasini will also tell Swadheenta that deep down she too believes that Asad and Haider are terrorists. Will Swadheenta get swayed by Suhasini’s words? Will Manohar be successful in stopping Swadheenta from proving the truth. Stay tuned to get more interesting updates on your favorite show Dehleez.

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