Dehleez: Swadheenta and Suahsini’s courtroom battle to begin soon

Jun 01, 2016

Dehleez: Adarsh (Harshad Arora) calls Asad and Haider a terrorist and Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) is hurt by this

The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will show a big rift developing between Adarsh and Swadheenta just after they get married. Abhay gets killed by the terrorist Arvind whereas Asad is shot by the police as he is thought to be a terrorist. Adarsh and Jaidev are completely shattered seeing Abhay losing his life. Suhasini and Manohar are not aware about the big tragedy that has taken place and finally arrive at the hospital where Abhay has breathed hi last. Suhasini is completely broken down with Abhay’s death and the family mourns the death of their loved one. On the other hand, Jaya and Swadheenta see the news of Abhay’s death on TV and are shocked. The two women hide this truth from Simmi as she is pregnant and she also has a heart problem. Swadheenta rushes to the hospital to be with the rest of the family. Swadheenta speaks with Ramakrishna and gets shocked when he calls Haider a terrorist. Swadheenta is not ready to accept her Mamu being a terrorist and knows that he has been wrongly accused. When Swadheenta reaches the hospital, she notices Adarsh calling Haider a terrorist and feels sad. It will now be seen that Swadheenta will come to know about Asad being dead and she will get the biggest shock. To make the situation worse, everyone will call Asad a terrorist and Swadheenta will be in a dilemma as she knows that Asad could never have been part of such a big conspiracy. The story will now take a complete new turn where Swadheenta will fight to prove Asad being innocent whereas Suahsini will want Haider to get convicted. Adarsh and Swadheenta will also be against each other and their love story will take a tragic twist. The upcoming plot will be embroiled in an intense court room drama.

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