Dehleez:  Swadheenta proves Arvind to be the missing link in blast case

Jun 09, 2016

Dehleez: Adarsh (Harshad Arora) and Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) at loggerheads in Haider’s case

The current track of Dehleez shows that Swadheenta surprises everyone with her crisp arguments in court as she starts her battle to prove Haider innocent while everyone already assumes Haider to be a terrorist. Swadheenta enters as Haider’s lawyer and starts of by showcasing Haider to be a noble Indian citizen. Swadheenta calls witnesses from Haider’s college who testify that he was a very good professor and had a clean image. The prosecutor claims that Haider’s good image does not prove that he did not plan the bomb blasts. Even the judge feels that Swadheenta should present some proofs which will support her claim of Haider not being a terrorist. Swadheenta surprises everyone when she mentions about Arvind Gupta, who suddenly vanished after the bomb blasts. Swadheenta says that Arvind was the one who got the gift box and gave it to Haider before the wedding. Swadheenta also calls Adarsh in the witness box to testify that Arvind had brought the gift box. However, Adarsh makes a statement saying that Abhay took Asad’s name just before dying which clearly indicates that he killed him. Swadheenta feels that the case cannot proceed forward till Arvind Gupta is found. The judge orders the police to search for Arvind and Swadheenta heaves a sigh of relief as she manages to make some progress in the case. However, Adarsh’s family is not at all happy with Swadheenta’s decision to defend Haider. Manohar also tells Suhasini that Swadheenta can either leave the house or leave the case. However, Suhasini feels that it is against her morals to make Swadheenta leave the house. It will now be seen that Adarsh and Swadheenta will be at complete loggerheads with each other as Adarsh wants to make sure that Haider is hanged while Swadheenta will fight till the end to get justice for Haider.

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