Dehleez: Swadheenta risks marriage and accuses Manohar in court

Jun 17, 2016

Dehleez: Swadheenta gets strong evidence proving Manohar guilty for trapping Haider, Adarsh (Harshad Arora) to break relation with Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary)

The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will show Swadheenta and Suhasini having a huge face off as Swadheenta tries to accuse Manohar for having links with Alan Broad. Swadheenta decides to team up with media reporter Paddy to get more information on Alan Broad. Paddy agrees to help out Swadheenta as Swadheenta convinces her that the ministry is involved in trying to prove Haider as a terrorist.

Paddy reaches Alan Broad’s prison to take his interview and later she gets convinced that the ministry is hand in glove with Alan. Paddy calls up Swadheenta and give her a big shock when she informs her about Alan giving a huge amount of bribe money to Manohar as well as another minister Kirti on the same day of the blast.

On the other hand, Adarsh comes to know about an internal inquiry been done regarding the blast case and he questions Jaidev for not informing him. Manohar intervenes saying that he did it for his and Swadheenta’s sake. Manohar lies to Adarsh that the internal inquiry has confirmed Haider and Asad having old links with terrorists. Adarsh is convinced by Manohar’s words and tries to coax Swadheenta to leave the case. However, Swadheenta comes to know about her own father in law Manohar being involved in trying to falsely accuse Haider and she decides that she will bring out his truth in front of everyone.

It will now be seen that Swadheenta will confront Suhasini about Manohar’s involvement with Alan Broad and Suhasini will get furious hearing Swadheenta’s words. Suhasini will give a warning to Swadheenta saying that if she tries to malign Manohar’s name in court then she will never be able to step inside the house again. Will Swadheenta risk her marriage for Haider and Asad’s sake? Let’s wait and watch.


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