Dehleez: Swadheenta stabbed, Yash to kill Arvind to erase evidence

Jun 20, 2016

Dehleez: Adarsh (Harshad Arora) reaches to rescue Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) as she gets stabbed by Arvind’s aide Bilal

The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will bring about another shocking twist in the storyline as Swadheenta will get stabbed by terrorist aide Bilal. The show is all set to reach its climax very soon and the track is filled with some power packed moments as the police is in search for the prime suspect Arvind Gupta in the blast case. Swadheenta manages to get Arvind’s image form the CCTV footage so that he can be traced. Finally a policeman spots Arvind in a car wearing a disguise of an old man. The policeman ask Arvind to step out of the car but Yash reaches there and lets Arvind escape without being interrogated. Arvind and Bilal think that they have managed to escape from the clutches of the police. However, Yash recognizes Arvind and follows his car. Later, Bilal steps out of the car and Arvind goes forward alone but Yash catches up with him. Yash points a gun towards Arvind and tells him that he had recognized him but let him go. Arvind reminds Yash that Asad was his enemy and he did a big favour on him by getting him killed. However, Yash calls Arvind a bigger enemy and says that he is the only one who knows his secret and therefore he will have to be finished. The upcoming episodes of the show will showcase a tussle between Yash and Arvind where Yash will try to kill Arvind but he will manage to escape. On the other hand, another shocking twist will take place as Swadheenta will reach the court and Bilal will follow her. Bilal will call out to Swadheenta and when she turns around, he will brutally stab her. Adarsh will reach there to save Swadheenta and will rush her to the hospital. How will Swadheenta be able to fulfill her promise to save Haider after getting attacked? Let’s wait and watch.

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