Dil Bole Oberoi 29th June 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Jun 28, 2017

Dil Bole Oberoi 29th June 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Dil Bole Oberoi 30th June 2017 Precap

Dil Bole Oberoi 29th June 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts with Gauri entering the room and finding a box for her in which she finds Sharma Ji's Gol Gappe and meanwhile Rudra is seen being shot. Some time back…. Gauri feels guilty for making Om angry and Buamaa comes to her room to give her a gift when she opens the gift and is shocked seeing that it’s a picture of Ratan. Buamaa tells Gauri to see his picture 24/7. Rudra is seen exercising and Bhavya tells him that she was scared because she cares for him. Rudra asks her if she’s falling in love with him. He tells her that what if while pretending to be fake husband and wife they’re actually becoming a real couple. Bhavya feels shy and tells him that nothing of such sort is going to happen. Rudra tells her that she is too scared after her kidnap but tells her not to worry and he will protect her. He thinks that Bhavya is still in a trauma and as a man, he has to take care of her. Sultan calls the goon because of whom Bhavya ran away and tells him to choose a bottle of tablets which will decide his fate. Rudra Tells Bhavya that his room is smelling of eggs these days but bhavya explains to him that there were no leftover found and no witnesses to be seen and Rudra wonders why she’s talking like a cop. Om comes in and asks them what’s happening and Rudra tells him that they were solving the mystery of the missing eggs. Later Om asks for their help. Rudra and Bhavya start giving Gauri all sort of different food. Jhanvi comes up to Om and hugs Om and congratulates him and thanks him. She tells her that her fortune has always been bad but Om’s happiness has overpowered all her misfortune. She tells him to never treat Gauri the way Tej treats her. Pinky comes in and taunts Jhanvi that she has told all her friends what if someone jinxes the happiness of Om, Jhanvi later taunts her that she could not even see her own son’s happiness how will she be happy for Om. Bhavya tells Gauri that Om told them to do it and gives her the milk. Bhavya says sorry to Gauri and she asks them do you think that God wanted Rudi and her to be together. Rudra is irritated because he can’t find the eggs. He gets a video message from Sultan and a text saying that if he was this scared then what will happen when his wife sees it. Rudra calls for Bhavya but she had already left and Rudra again get a text saying even after all the blackmailing his wife is outside the house. Rudra starts looking for Bhavya. Gauri gets her Gol Gappes. Rudra gets trapped in an animal trap while searching for Bhavya.


Gauri and Buamaa are seen talking over what the child’s name would be. Bhamaa gets annoyed and tells her with anger that the kids name will be Ratan. Omkar is seen coming from behind and hears everything.  

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