Dil Bole Oberoi 6th July 2017 Written Update Written Episode

Jul 05, 2017

Dil Bole Oberoi 6th July 2017 Written Update Written Episode and Dil Bole Oberoi 7th July 2017 Precap

Dil Bole Oberoi 6th July 2017 Written Update Written Episode starts withBhavya kicks a cop and her dress tears and her uniform is seen. Buamaa comes to know that Gauri is not pregnant. Sometimes earlier…. Gauri suspects that the tika has something mixed in it and so does the prasad ladoo. Gauri eats the ladoo and faints. Bhavya and Rudra reach the meeting point and see that they are Sultans goons already waiting for them. Buamaa asks Om to go and pick her parcel coming from Canada. Guari starts chocking and faints. Rudi goes and checks out what’s the matter but Bhavya comes in front of him and confronts the goon. Rudi does not allow it and sees Sultan coming out of his car and points a gun at Rudi. Bhavya presses Rudi’s neck and Rudi faints. Bhavya again remember her brother and the accident. Bhavya shows him the locket. He points the gun at Rudi but Bhavya takes the gun and points it at sultan and asks the goons to throw all their weapons. Buamaa takes Gauri to the hospital. bhavya fights the  goons and Rudi gets up and sees bhavya fighting in her uniform. The doctor tells Buamaa that shes not pregnant. Buamaa doesn’t believe it, but the doctor insect otherwise. Buamaa asks Guari where her Ratan is? She tries killing Gauri by pressing a pillow to her face. Gauri starts to run but buamaa stops her and tells her that she can’t run because she’s closed all the doors. Gauri tells her all that she knows about Buamaas plan and why she did what she did. Buamaa blackmails her that shell kill her. Gauri explains her that she should not do all this and what happened to her was very bad but what she’s doing to Om is also very bad. Buamaa tells her that she’ll give Om poison which is slow and will eventually kill Omkara which will kill him and the family won’t even come to know.

Precap: Buamaa tries to kill Gauri but Omkara sees this. Buamaa makes an excuse that she’s a liar and she’s not pregnant. Omkara takes Gauri’s side and saves her.  

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