Dil Bole Oberoi: Gauri challenges Svetlana, Omkara supports Gauri

May 14, 2017

Dil Bole Oberoi Latest News: Gauri and Omkara join hands to throw Svetlana out of Oberoi Mansion

The upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Dil Bole Oberoi will bring in one interesting twist as Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) and Svetlana (Reyhna Malhotra) will come face to face to get rid of each other. The track of Dil Bole Oberoi has reached an interesting stage where Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Gauri have finally started staying in Oberoi Mansion as husband and wife, although Omkara hates Gauri and has a lot of misunderstandings regarding Gauri. In the latest episodes of Dil Bole Oberoi, it is seen that Gauri runs away from her forced wedding with Kali Thakur (Rahul Dev) while Omkara too thinks of a smart way to stop his wedding with Svetlana. Omkara brings Gauri in Oberoi Mansion and declares Gauri as his wife. Svetlana gets trapped in the terms mentioned in the Prenuptial agreement. Svetlana shows her suspicion on Omkara and Gauri's relation while Omkara and Gauri get determined to throw Svetlana out of Oberoi Mansion. In Svetlana's presence, Omkara and Gauri behave like real husband and wife but in Svetlana's absence, Omkara's hatred for Gauri returns. However, the drama of husband - wife starts bringing Omkara and Gauri close. In the upcoming episode of Dil Bole Oberoi, Svetlana will challenge Gauri of throwing her out of Oberoi Mansion. Gauri will challenge Svetlana, while Omkara will support Gauri. Omkara and Gauri will plan for a pest control in Oberoi Mansion to check over Svetlana's stuff, however, Svetlana will try to trap Omkara in her words to avoid the pest control. Will Omkara and Gauri get successful in exposing Svetlana? Will Gauri and Omkara realize love for each other? Keep reading this space for more updates, upcoming twists, future stories, and spoilers on Dil Bole Oberoi serial.

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