Ek Duje Ek Vaaste: Namik Paul aka Shravan’s epic performance as jilted lover

Aug 22, 2016

Ek Duje Ek Vaaste: Shravan (Namik Paul) demands Suman (Nikita Dutta) to give explanation for choosing Aditya (Ronit Kapil)

The current track of Ek Duje Ek Vaaste is showing the sheer pain and disappointment of Shravan after knowing about Aditya and Suman’s marriage. Shravan is deeply hurt the moment Aditya announces his marriage with Suman as feels betrayed by her. Shravan is not aware about any of the misunderstandings created by Ramnath and neither is he aware about Nanaji forcing Suman to accept Aditya’s marriage proposal. Shravan thinks that Suman stabbed in in his back by rejecting his feelings and accepting Aditya despite of knowing him only for a few days. Shravan is shattered and furious with this sudden turn of events and makes sure to make everyone aware about his angry. As Preeti and Pushkar enter the house after marriage, Shravan proposes to organize a party to celebrate Aditya and Suman’s wedding announcement. Shravan taunts Suman indirectly as he tells Aditya to hold on to Suman before she goes away betraying him. Shravan’s eyes are filled with pain and hurt and Suman is greatly upset seeing Shravan in such a condition. The party starts and Shravan does not mince his words as he tells Aditya that he was deeply shocked knowing about his marriage plans with Suman. However, a girl starts flirting with Shravan and Suman is upset seeing this. It will now be seen that Aditya will leave from there and Suman and Shrravan will find themselves confronting each other. Shravan will want Suman to give him a valid explanation for her betrayal but his anger and fury will make him speak only venomous words towards Suman. On the other hand, Suman will crave to tell Shravan about all the problems in her life including the promise that she has made to Ramnath as well as Nanaji. However, Suman will not be able to divulge anything to Shravan and will bear his harsh words and jibes silently. Actor Namik Paul has flawlessly portrayed the role of a jilted lover in the current sequence and surely deserves credit for his epic performance. Stay tuned for more u[dates on Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.

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