Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 11th August 2016 written episode written update

Aug 10, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 11th August 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Sonakshi is with Aditya and passes by her old PCT. Suman immediately gets sad. Aditya asks Pushkar why Suman got upset seeing her old PCT. Pushkar tells all the past story and says that Suman did not want to take the place from Ramnath because of her self-respect and ego.  Shravan is at Suman’s house and waits for her. Suman returns home and Shravan asks her about the air-conditioners. Suman says that Aditya helped her and Shravan gets angry. Suman smirks thinking that she made Shravan jealous. Aditya meets Ramnath and tells him that he wants to buy the old PCT location. Ramnath is puzzled about Aditya’s offer but tells him that Shravan will do the deal as he has all the papers. Preeti tells Suman that she is nervous about her married life and Suman peps her up. Suman sees the lehenga and thinks that she too does not like the lehenga if Shravan does not like it. Shravan asks Aditya why he wants the property and Aditya refuses to divulge. Shravan says that eh will quote such a high price that he will not be able to pay. Aditya says money is not important for him. Shravan refuses to sell the property.  Shravan thinks that one day he will give the place back to Suman.  Aditya looks upset and Suman ask her about it. Aditya says that Shravan has some problem with him. Aditya asks Suman to talk to Shravan and convince him to give the thing that he wants. Suman is on a ladder and the hammer slips from her hand. Shravan comes there and Suman expects that he will give her the hammer. However, Shravan taunts Suman saying that he will not help her as it would hurt her self-respect. Aditya comes there and gives Suman the hammer before she can come down. Suman is happy seeing Shravan’s jealous face. Kamini complains to Vandy about Ramnath squashing all her dreams. Kamini thinks that he will get Shravan and Suman closer to get back at Ramnath. Shravan hears Pushkar saying that he will gift the property to Suman. Aditya tells Pushkar that Shravan is not ready to sell the property to him. Shravan asks Suman whether she needs any help from his side for PCT. Suman sternly refuses.  

Precap: Shravan gives the property papers to Aditya as he wants to see Suman's reaction while Aditya tries to help her. Aditya hands over the papers to Suman.

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