Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 14th September 2016 written episode written update

Sep 13, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 14th September 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Suman tells her family that she and Shravan have got married in court and everyone gets shocked. Pushkar explains to family how the wedding happened so suddenly. Mamiji says that Suman will now have to go to her in laws house. Aditya thinks about Shravan’s bitter words about consummating relationship with Suman before marriage. Nirmala comes there and Aditya apologizes to her for getting her embarrassed in front of Tiwari family. Nirmala tells Aditya that now he should move on. Nirmala tells Aditya that they have faced a lot of problems in Delhi and they should go away from there and never return. Aditya asks Nirmala to leave and he will follow her after a day. Ramnath is in office and Nirmala comes to meet him. Ramnath gets angry seeing her and starts taunting her and calls her shameless. Nirmala tells Ramnath to stop filling poison in Shravan’s mind. Nirmala agrees that Aditya did wrong but Shravan too has made a very big mistake. Nirmala blames Ramnath for not bringing up Shravan properly. Nirmala says that she will feel immense pain in the fight between Shravan and Aditya. Nirmala warns Ramnath that the two of them will lose Shravan because of his false pride and wrong ways. Preeta tells the PCT members about Suman and Shravan’s sudden marriage. Aditya comes there and hears everything. Preeta say that Suman’s Bidaai is taking place. Preeta sees Aditya and starts scolding him. Preeta says that Suman made a good decision by marrying her childhood friend Shravan Preeta asks Aditya to stay away from Suman’s life. Kamini asks the servants to decorate the house as someone very special is going to enter the house. Family members demand Kamini to know who is coming and Kamini reveals that Suman is coming to the house. Ramnath hears this and is shocked. Kamini tells the family about Suman and Shravan’s court marriage. Kamini says that Preeti and Pushkar were at the court being witnesses. Ramnath is dazed hearing all this. Kamini tells Ramnath to accept the wedding and asks him to welcome Suman as she is now the daughter in law of the house. Aditya starts drinking alcohol recalling Preeta’s words about Suman’s marriage. Aditya says that Shravan did not do right by breaking his marriage with Suman and himself getting married to her. Aditya says that he will never let Shravan be happy and will expose him in front of Suman. Nanaji is very upset with the sudden marriage without informing family. Nanaji wants to meet Suman and talk to her. Nanaji asks Suman for an explanation. Shravan walks in there saying that it was his decision and Suman should not be blamed. Shravan tells Nanaji that he did not want to get married in the place where the previous bad incident happened. Shravan explains that Suman wanted the wedding to happen in a simple way so he thought of court marriage. Nanaji is convinced by Shravan’s words. Shravan tells Nanaji that after marriage Suman will follow the traditions to Malhotra family.

Precap: Ramnath ask Shravan to meet him immediately. Someone attacks on Shravan when he enters the car.

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