Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 21st September 2016 written episode update

Sep 20, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 21st September 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Kamini tells Ramnath that he will have to accept Suman as his daughter in law for Shravan’s happiness. Ramnath agrees that now since the marriage is done he cannot change anything and has to accept their marriage for Shravan’s happiness. Kamini thinks that she will never let Shravan and Suman be happy and will play evil tricks to seek her revenge.  Suman is in the bathroom and Shravan waits desperately as he wants to use the bathroom. Shravan bangs the door of the bathroom and demands Suman to come out and Suman asks him to use some other bathroom.  Nanaji remembers Suman and feels sad. Mamaji comes to Nanaji and both talk about Suman. Mamaji says that the house has become empty in Suman’s absence. Nanaji says that he misses Priya (Suman’s mother) after Suman has gone. Mamaji says that they will call Suman and talk to her but Nanaji refuses for it as it is Suman’s first day in her Sasural. Shravan comes out from servant’s bathroom and Kamini asks him about it. Shravan says that Suman is using the bathroom and Kamini says that he will have to learn to share everything with Suman. Shravan says that he will make sure Suman will stay out of his space. Male servant serves alcohol to Shravan and then asks him if he can leave for home. Shravan asks servant to sit with him and drink alcohol. Shravan makes a drink for the servant and servant is quite boggled. Shravan asks servant about his marriage and gets angry when servant says that he is happy in his marriage. Servant says that marriage is important as person cannot live alone. Shravan says that he is alone even after marriage as his wife is nowhere around. Shravan thinks that he will always be alone throughout his life. Shravan slips and hurts his foot. Shravan is drunk and imagines childhood Suman sitting in front of him. Shravan and young Suman have their cute exchange of words. Young Suman and Shravan start playing a game of telling the truth to each other. Suman admits that she made Shravan do a lot of work for her. Shravan apologizes to young Suman for doing a lot of wrong to her and he starts crying. Young Suman says that she feels happy that he has at least admitted his mistake. Young Suman tells Shravan to say sorry to grown up Suman too and all their problems will be solved. Young Suman asks Shravan to start a new life with Suman sorting all their problems.

Precap: Shravan sees Suman sleeping and is about to touch her but stops himself.

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