Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 26th September 2016 written episode update

Sep 25, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 26th September 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Shravan enters the room and sees Suman sleeping. Shravan tries to wake up Suman but stops himself and then drops off to sleep. Kamini sees empty alcohol bottles and asks servant to clear them off. Servant informs Kamini that Shravan asked him to wait back and drink alcohol with him. Preeti informs Kamini that Pushkar has gone to Agra for some work. Kamini thinks that she cannot allow Shravan to enjoy while Pushkar works. Preeti comes to Shravan’s room and asks for Suman. Shravan does not know where Suman is and Preeti starts searching for her. Shravan joins Kamini and Preeti for breakfast and apologizes for being late. Kamini taunts Shravan that Pushkar has gone for work in his place as he has just got married. Shravan feels guilty saying that he will never let his marriage come in the way of his work. Kamini says that Suman too has rushed to work next day after marriage. Preeti says that Suman had some urgent work so she left. Kamini says that Suman should not have rushed off as she is newly married and should have spent time with her new family. Shravan apologizes on Suman’s behalf and says that he will make sure that these things don’t get repeated again and he will bring Suman on the right track. Kamini smirks happily.  Shravan thinks that Suman is very selfish and started showing her colors so soon. Ramnath is very tensed in office and starts thinking about everything that has happened in the past few days. A client calls Ramnath and says that he is worried for his case. Ramnath says that Shravan will handle his case very well. Client says that Shravan has got married so suddenly and he does not want such an impulsive person to handle his case. Ramnath says that he will take care of his case. Client asks Ramnath to take care of Shravan as he has suddenly changed a lot. Ramnath wants to meet Shravan but peon informs that he has still not reached office. Ramnath gets tensed why Shravan is so late. Nanaji calls up Shravan and tells him that he was awake all night as he was missing Suman. Nanaji asks Shravan to give the phone to Suman if she is near him. Shravan lies that Suman is busy in pooja at home and will call him once she gets free. Ramnath hears this. Ramnath calls Shravan in the cabin and says that he wants to talk something important with him. Ramnath demands to know where is Suman and asks him why he lied to Tiwariji. Shravan says that he does not know where Suman is and does not care about her. Ramnath says that this is not right as they are married now. Ramnath says that Shravan should know about Suman’s whereabouts. Shravan says that he only hates Suman.

Precap: Shravan gets tensed knowing that Suman has not returned home yet. Shravan tells Pushkar about this.

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