Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 29th August 2016 written episode written update

Aug 28, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 29th August 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Aditya calls up Shravan and tells him that he needs help as Suman does not want to call any of her school friends. Shravan rudely tells him that he will help him out. Kamini is at Suman’s house and congratulates the family for the wedding news. Aditya shows Suman some dresses and asks her to wear them for the wedding but Suman refuses. A friend of Suman calls and congratulates her for the wedding. Suman thinks that Aditya must have asked Shravan to invite her school friends. Suman asks Aditya why he did so and he says that he did it for her happiness. Suman gets angry on him. Aditya asks her whether she is scared that her old secrets will get spilled. Kamini is stands outside the room and hears their fight. Suman clearly tells Aditya not to interfere in her life now or after the wedding. Kamini gets happy hearing all this. Pushkar is ready to leave for going out of town and Preeti tries to stop him. Shravan and Pushkar’s parents come to bid him goodbye. Pushkar and Preeti sadly look at each other. Shravan calls the florist and tells him to make sure there are only tulips for the wedding as someone very special is getting married. Shravan remembers childhood days when Suman had demanded tulips from him. Kamini tells Shravan that he is doing well by handling Suman’s wedding as she needs his support. Kamini tells Shravan that Suman is not at all happy about the wedding. Kamini instigates Shravan to believe that Aditya is not apt for Suman. Shravan says that he does not care as Suman deserves it. Aditya calls Preeti and asks her to coax Preeti to accompany Suman for shopping. Kamini tells Aditya that Shravan will also accompany them. Kamini requests Shravan to go with Preeti. Suman and Aditya are at a shop but Suman is not at all excited about buying anything and Aditya keeps coaxing her to pick up something nice. Preeti also reaches the shop and Suman sees Shravan coming along. Aditya notices Suman and Shravan staring at each other. Aditya tells Suman that he will try on a suit which will make everyone jealous. Suman and Preeti leave and Suman asks Shravan why he came there. Shravan says that he wants to make sure Suman leaves his life permanently. Aditya sees Suman and Shravan talking intensely and taunts them.

Precap: Aditya asks Suman why she is not saying I Love You to him. Suman says that she will tell him when she feels like. Shravan overhears this.

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