Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2nd September 2016 written episode written update

Sep 01, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2nd September 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Aditya stars demanding Suman to give him a kiss. Suman resists so Aditya tells her not to pretend to be innocent. Aditya starts forcing himself on Suman so she starts screaming for help. Shravan and family members hear her cries and Shravan breaks into Suman’s room. Shravan is shocked seeing Aditya forcing himself on Suman. Suman hugs Shravan and starts crying. Shravan looks at Aditya angrily and gives him a punch. Shravan and Aditya start beating each other mercilessly. Suman and her family are shocked seeing the two men trashing each other up. Shravan starts choking Aditya and suddenly Nanaji shouts at Shravan and asks him to stop. Nirmala walks to Suman and asks her whether Aditya forced himself on her. Suman does not answer so Nirmala asks Aditya. Aditya says yes and Nirmala slaps him. Nirmala accuses Aditya for spoiling her reputation and says that she proved to be a bad mother for both her sons. Nirmala asks Aditya to get out of there. Nanaji apologizes to guests and asks them to leave. Nirmala enters Suman’s room and apologizes to her for Aditya’s behavior. Nirmala and Suman cry together. Ramnath tells Nanaji not to worry. Nirmala comes there and apologizes to the family but everyone looks at her with hatred. Nirmala falls to Nanaji’s feet crying. Nanaji says that Suman’s life would have been ruined if she married Aditya. Vandy sees Kamini awake till late in the night. Kamini tells Vandy that she wants to use this opportunity to strengthen her plans to take revenge against Ramnath. Kamini says that the fire of love has lit once again between Shravan and Suman. Aditi sees that Suman has not eaten her food yet. Aditi coaxes Suman to eat. Aditi tells Suman that Shravan is sitting all alone outside although everyone has left and he too has not eaten anything. Aditi says that she is happy seeing that Shravan still cares so much for her despite of so much happening between them. Suman takes the food tray to Shravan and coaxes him to eat but he refuses. Suman tells Shravan that he did a big thing by protecting her and she will never be able to pay his debts. Shravan says that he did everything just for Nanaji. Shravan looks at Suman sadly and leaves. Shravan tells Suman to take care of herself.

Precap: Shravan tells Ramnath that he still hates Suman. Suman thinks that Shravan still feels deeply for her.

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