Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 31st August 2016 written episode written update

Aug 30, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 31st August 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Aditya notices how Shravan gets jealous when he sees Aditya writing his name on Suman’s hand with mehendi. Aditya purposely says that his and Suman’s name will be joined forever. Nirmala notices that there is anger and both Shravan and Aditya’s eyes. Shravan sadly looks at his and Suman’s childhood picture. Nirmala comes there and requests Shravan to talk to him once. Nirmala tells Shravan that Suman and Aditya’s marriage is destined and he should not blame Aditya for it. Nirmala says that she has noticed something wrong between him and Aditya. Nirmala requests him not to do anything which will cause problems for Suman and Aditya. Nirmala asks Shravan to be away from Suman and Aditya’s wedding. Shravan taunts Nirmala that he never had a mother who would take so much care for her son as she is caring for Aditya. Aditya meets Shravan and asks him why he is looking sad and whether there is any secret which he is hiding. Shravan stays quite for Nirmala’s sake but Aditya continues to provoke him. Aditya tells Shravan about his bachelor’s party at night and invites him. Nirmala listens to their conversation. Shravan agrees to come and tells Aditya that he will stop bothering him. Suman is very worried and feels tired. Suman tells her maasi that she is feeling very restless. Suman feels that something very bad is going to happen. The bachelor’s party starts and Aditya waits for Shravan. Shravan come there and Aditya taunts him again. Shravan says that he will be very happy by the end of the party. Both Shravan and Aditya start to drink alcohol. Suman sees Nanaji’s picture and gets emotional thinking that she will leave everyone and go away after one day. Aditya tells Shravan to open up about his feelings. Shravan tells Aditya that he will give him a good gift by telling him about his and Suman’s relationship. Shravan tells Aditya everything about his and Suman’s friendship right from their childhood days. Shravan then goes on to tell Aditya that Suman and his relationship is like husband and wife and EVERYTHING has happened between them. Aditya is furious hearing this. Shravan sees Aditya’s angry face and says that he will celebrate now. Shravan thinks that now he will stay away from Nirmala Ahuja’s son. Aditya is furious thinking about Shravan’s words and drowns his pain in alcohol.

Precap: Aditya comes to Suman’s house in the middle of the night and wants to meet Suman but Mamiji stops him.

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