Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 3rd October 2016 written episode update

Oct 02, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 3rd October 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Ramnath is tensed thinking that Shravan is destroying himself and he should tell him the truth about his mother and his past. Shravan starts getting drunk thinking that he should not compare himself to Suman as she owns an ordinary tiffin service while he is much higher to her in caliber. Ramnath is worried seeing Shravan getting himself drunk. Suman is in the bathroom and she is angry thinking about the way Shravan insulted her. Suman feels that she cannot leave Shravan because of Nanaji but she does not want to see his face and is not ready to share the same bed with him. Suman angrily sleeps on the sofa although she is not comfortable. Ramnath tells Shravan that he should not drink so much and seeing him in this condition is making him sad. Ramnath tells Shravan that life is not as bad as he thinks and he should not punish himself this way. Shravan says that his life is not bad but it is worse and he will spend the rest of his life drinking alcohol. Ramnath advices Shravan to get a grip on himself and he should find a way out of this situation. Shravan asks him what he should do and Ramnath says that he will tell him once he is sober. Suman sees that it is 2 am in the night and Shravan has still not returned to the room. Shravan finally comes to the room and sees Suman sleeping on the couch. Shravan says that it is good that she herself slept on the couch as he would never allow her on the bed. If it was upto him, he would have made her sleep out of the room. Suman gets angry and tells Shravan that she will sleep on the bed as she has equal rights. Suman lies on the bed and asks Shravan to keep a distance from her and not even imagine that what he said t Aditya will come true. Shravan says that he is only interested in pretty girls and not bhenji girls like her. Shravan and Suman soon fall asleep after their war of words. Next morning Shravan wakes up before Suman and notices a heart shaped tattoo on her leg. Shravan thinks that only crazy people like Suman can get a heart tattooed on her leg. Shravan goes to the washroom and Suman wakes  up. Suman too heads to the washroom and she opens the door while Shravan is still inside. Both Shravan and Suman get shocked. Shravan tells Suman that she does not have manners as she opened the bathroom door even without knocking. Suman says that she has equal rights on everything as him. They both get into an argument and Shravan tells Suman that she is free to leave him if she wants. Suman says that she knows to handle people like him. Suman reaches PCT and meets the investors. Suman tells investors to pump in more money in the business and she wants to make PCT the bets tiffin service in Delhi. The investors are impressed by Suman’s passion for her work. Preeta asks Suman for this sudden decision and she says that she wants to teach someone a lesson that one can go ahead in business without help from their parents. Shravan is in office and he meets Pushkar. Shravan tells Pushkar to handle his case and he is involved in something else. Pushkar asks Shravan whether everything is alright between him and Suman as everyone in the family is worried. Shravan tells Pushkar to tell everyone that everything is alright. Preeti calls Suman and asks her if everything is fine between her and Shravan. Suman ask her not to worry as her and Shravan’s love is like this only. Suman thinks that what everyone must be thinking about her because of Shravan.

Precap: Suman decides to cook food in the kitchen and Kamini taunts her saying that things are not alright between her and Shravan. Shravan sees the food served for breakfast and say that he cannot eat this and wants the servant to cook for him.

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