Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 6th September 2016 written episode written update

Sep 05, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 6th September 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Kamini tells Tiwari family that none of them were ever able to see how Suman and Shravan’s deep friendship changed into love. Suman’s family is unable to believe. Kamini tells Pushkar to back her words and Pushkar admits that he had a doubt. Kamini says that the way Shravan beat up Aditya it was quite clear that he loves Suman a lot. Kamini instigates the family to get Suman and Shravan married soon so that their name will not get spoilt in society. Kamini also adds that they should not mention to Shravan that she told them all this. Preeti hopes that Nanaji agrees for it. Nanaji calls up Shravan and asks him to meet him immediately. Shravan gets worried. Suman is at PCT and wonders why Nanaji has called her and Shravan so suddenly. Suman and Shravan meet outside the house and he asks her what is the new drama. Suman and Shravan come in front of Nanaji and he asks the two of them to sit. Nanaji asks them why they have hid such a big truth from him. Nanaji tells Suman and Shravan that he has come to know that the two of them love each other immensely. The two immediately retort but Nanaji cuts them short and asks them to end their fight and start their relationship afresh.  Nanaji clearly tells them to get married. Shravan says that there is a big misunderstanding and Suman too says that they are just friends. Nanaji says that it was a good omen that Suman’s marriage with Aditya broke up as Suman and Shravan were meant to be Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (made for each other). Nanaji asks the two of them to take their time to take a decision. Suman wonders whether they would ever be able to live with each other as they are no longer even friends. Shravan does not say a word and leaves from there. Shravan reaches home and Kamini starts probing him and ask him what happened. Shravan tells Kamini that Nanaji wants to get him and Suman married. Shravan says that he is completely shocked. Kamini tells Shravan that she knows well that he loves Suman. Shravan makes it clear that he hates Suman. Shravan leaves and Kamini gets irritated. Kamini calls up Nanaji and complains that Shravan is not agreeing. Kamini gives Nanaji another idea and asks him to talk to Ramnath about this as Shravan is scared of his father’s opinion. Kamini asks Nanaji to convince Ramnath for their wedding and Nanaji says that he will talk to him as soon as he returns form out of town. Precap: Suman calls Shravan and says that they have to talk as they have to take an important decision. Nanaji tells Ramnath not to come in between Shravan and Suman if they want to get married.

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