Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 9th September 2016 written episode written update

Sep 08, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 9th September 2016 written episode written update starring Shravan (Namik Paul) and Suman (Nikita Dutta)

Lalaji tells Suman’s family that the marriage has to be grand. Ramnath taunts Suman saying that the marriage is happening as per Suman’s plans. Ramnath says that he will take care of all the expenses. Suman says that she will take care of all the expenses and will remain self-sufficient even after marriage.  Suman is in her room and Ramnath comes in and reminds her of the promise he had given her. Suman says that Shravan came to her on his own. Ramnath accuses Suman of playing a shrewd game of trapping Shravan. Suman says that Shravan is desperate and agreed to marry her on his own will. Ramnath says that Shravan did a favour on her by saving her from Aditya and she should keep her head bowed down in front of Shravan. Suman thinks that she will make her marriage successful despite of Ramnath’s bitter words. Ramnath enters Shravan’s room and sees him getting drunk. Ramnath demands to know why Shravan agreed for the marriage. Shravan explains Ramnath that he did everything for him as he had to give Guru Dakshina to Tiwariji. Shravan says that he could not see his father’s head getting bowed down in front of Tiwariji. Shravan promises that he will handle Suman well and he will not tolerate her arrogance and self-respect after marriage. Shravan says that he has become heartless and would not be happy even if he married anyone else. Suman talks to per parents’ picture and says that circumstances are not right but her wedding with Shravan is perfectly right. Suman says that she will bring everything on track very soon. Nanaji comes to meet Suman in her room and blesses her for the alliance. Tiwarji says that Ramnath will treat her like his own daughter and Suman gets tensed. Nanaji tells Suman that she and Shravan should always be there for each other.  Suman messages Shravan and tells him that she wants to meet him before marriage as she wants to sort out issues between them before they start their new journey. Suman waits for Shravan’s reply but he is fast asleep. Kamini is extremely happy about the alliance and Lalaji gives Kamini the responsibility of handling the wedding. Kamini is satisfied seeing Ramnath being so tensed as half the city comes to know about Shravan’s alliance with Suman. Kamini says that people should not taunt that such a big lawyer’s son is getting married like a beggar.  Shravan comes there & Kamini says that Suman wants a simple and plain wedding. Kamini keeps instigating Shravan against Suman. Shravan says that he will not allow Suman to make decisions on her won and the marriage will happen according to his terms and conditions. Ramnath says that he does not care and Suman can do whatever she wants. Shravan suddenly changes his decision and says that wedding will happen according to Suman’s wishes.

Precap: Suman is at the court in plain clothes. Shravan suddenly drags her to the judge and tells Suman that they will get married there and then.

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