Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Director walks out after Namik Paul’s arrogant comment

Sep 30, 2016


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Director Aijaz Sheikh quits show and accuses Namik Paul (Shravan) of throwing arrogant and demeaning comment against him

Reports of Sony TV show Ek Duje Ke Vaaste coming to an end has already made many fans very angry and here is some news which will make viewers more disappointed. The director of the show Aijaz Sheikh has decided to quit the show despite of just a couple of days remaining for the shoot. Reports suggest that the director Aijaz and lead actor Namik Paul got into a tiff and this has promoted the director to move out of the show at the last moment. Aijaz gave a clarification about the incident saying that while working together, Namik passed a comment against him saying that the director does not have much work on the sets as the camera man makes the block. This comment did not go down well with Aijaz who feels that Namik’s popularity has gone into his head and has made him arrogant. Aijaz further said that a director plays a very important part in the show as he helps the actors to get the right expressions. However, Aijaz feels that Namik demeaned his work by passing such a comment. After this incident, Aijaz was not ready to work with Namik anymore and requested the makers to let him off the show despite of juts a few days remaining for the shoot. The producers did not show much resistance and allowed Aijaz to walk out knowing well that the show is shutting shop in any case. Actor Namik Paul was also quizzed about the same incident but he seemed unfazed saying that he and Aijaz belong to the same age group and such minor tiffs normally happen. Has Namik really turned arrogant after all the popularity or Aijaz making a big deal out of a small issue? Do post in your comments and views in the box below.

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