Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Shravan’s flip-flop decision confuses Suman

Sep 07, 2016

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: Shravan (Namik Paul) suddenly agrees to marry Suman (Nikita Dutta) and sternly refusing her earlier

The current track of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is showing the most epic twist with Nanaji wanting Shravan and Suman to get married to each other assuming that the two of them are in love. Suman and Shravan are both left in a big dilemma as their relationship has changed drastically because of so much hatred and misunderstanding between them. However, Mamiji meets Suman and tells her that she has to accept the alliance as this is the only way that she will be able to go to US where her son lives. Mamaji gives Suman an ultimatum to accept Shravan’s alliance as this in the only way she can complete their debt. Suman decides to meet Shravan and discuss this issue but Shravan is in a completely different mood. Shravan starts to throw taunts at Suman and also makes it clear that he will never marry her. Shravan also says that for Nanaji’s sake, he will find perfect guy for her who will also be moneyed. Suman is shocked and stunned hearing Shravan’s curt and hurtful words and understands that he is not at all interested in marrying her. However, very soon Kamini will play a snide trick to make sure that Shravan gets convinced to marry Suman. Kamini will lie to Shravan saying that Nanaji has made Ramnath promise to get Suman and Shravan married. Shravan will think that he cannot allow his father to lose respect in front of Nanaji and therefore he will change his plans. Nanaji will ask Suman and Shravan for their final decision and Suman will expect Shravan to refuse. However, she will get a big shock when Shravan will agree for the marriage and she will be completely surprised by his sudden change of decision. Very soon, Suman and Shravan’s wedding track will start off and lets see what will be the new twists and turns introduced in the show.

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