Gangaa: Ammaji aids Sagar to bring Ganga and Krishna back in the house

Oct 05, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) efforts begin to win back Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) trust and bring her and Krishna back to his house

The current track of & TV’s show Gangaa is showing the biggest twist in the storyline where Sagar finally comes to know that he is Krishna’s father. The misunderstandings of so many years finally get cleared as Sagar realizes that he had consummated his relationship with Ganga and Krishna is the result of the deep love they shared with one another. When Sagar learns about Krishna’s heart condition, he immediately gets alerted as he too had the same condition in childhood. Sagar is faced with the strikingly reality that Krishna could be his own daughter whom he neglected for so many years. Sagar was earlier planning to leave for London forever but he cancels his plans as she needs to know about Krishna’s paternity. Sagar knows that Ganga will not allow him to meet Krishna so he calls up at Ganga’s house and leaves a voice message for Krishna on. Sagar tell Krishna that he feels a strong connection with her and he is sure that she is his daughter. However, instead of Krishna, Ganga receives the call and is shocked hearing Sagar’s words. Ganga asks Sagar to stay away from their lives and not use Krishna as a tool to get back in her life. Ganga has lost all trust and faith in Sagar and asks him to stay away from her and Krishna. It will now be seen that Krishna will keep insisting Ganga to reveal the name of her father. Ganga will be angry and frustrated and will take Krishna to Lord Krishna temple. Ganga will tell Krishna that the Lord is her father and Krishna will be shocked by her words. On the other hand, Sagar will reveal the big truth to Ammaji that Krishna is his daughter and Ammaji will be filled with happiness. Will Ammaji be able to bring Krishna and Ganga back in the house? Stay tuned for more updates & TV’s show Gangaa.

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