Gangaa: Ammaji announces Sagar and Ganga’s marriage

Jun 23, 2016

Gangaa: Ammaji is furious as Ganga (Aditi Sharma) is called immoral and announces her marriage with Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha)

Fans of & TV’s show Gangaa can rejoice as Ammaji finally gives her approval for Ganga and Sagar’s marriage. Ganga and Ammaji’ relationship has gone through serval ups and down and has been one of love and hatred. Ammaji cared for Ganga when she was brought into the house as a child widow but also imposed several restrictions on her. Although Ammaji remained strict with Ganga, she always had a soft corner for her in her heart.

However, things took a bitter turn when Sagar admitted his love for Ganga. Ammaji thought that it was inauspicious for Sagar to marry Ganga as she is a widow. Amaaji started to hate Ganga and also cut her out of her life. However, Ganga managed to win back Ammaji’s love as she helped Sagar to get acquitted in Janvi’s murder case. Ammaji realizes that Sagar and Ganga’s love is pure.

Ammaji once again became selfish in Sagar’s love and was willing to put Ganga’s life at risk for Sagar’s sake. Finally when Ammaji realized her mistake, she repented for mistreating Ganga. After several ups and downs Ganga and Ammaji have now reached a stage where they have mutual love and admiration for each other. Gangaa and Sagar want to help out Ammaji to overcome her debt. Ganga also gets ready to sell her jewellery given by her father for Ammaji’s sake.

It will now be seen that Ammaji will shock everyone with a surprising announcement. Ganga will get insulted in a party where people will call accuse her of having an affair with Sagar and being an immoral girl. Ammaji will not be able to tolerate Ganga getting insulted and she will announce to everyone that Ganga is Sagar’s to be wife and therefore she has all the right to live in their house. Ganga and Sagar will be overwhelmed with Ammaji’s words. Let’s wait and see whether Sagar and Gangaa are able to marry or face some new hurdles in their path.

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