Gangaa: Ammaji kidnaps unconscious Ganga to kill her for Sagar’s sake

Jun 13, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) spend romantic and cute moments together before Ganga gets trapped

The upcoming episodes of & TV’s show Gangaa will show Ammaji putting Ganga’s life in danger for Sagar’s sake. The dhongi baba manages to convince Ammaji that an unmarried girl will have to sacrifice her life and then only will Sagar be freed from his problems. Baba gives Ammaji an ultimatum to arrange for an unmarried girl by night. The dhongi baba has managed to trap Ammaji completely with his tricks and keeps demanding her for money.

On the other hand, happiness is back in Ganga and Sagar’s life as they relive their childhood days. Sagar and Ganga break mangoes form the tree and enjoy their time together.The two love birds sit together on the Ganga ghat and spend blissful moments together. When Sagar and Ganga return home, the family is happy to see the camaraderie between them. Madhvi finally admits that Ganga is the right girl for Sagar as she loves him unconditionally.

However, Ammaji sees Ganga and starts thinking that she would be the ideal girl to sacrifice her life. Ammaji thinks that Ganga is unmarried and she can take her to the cemetery to fulfill the demands of the baba. Ganga still cares a lot for Ammaji despite of Ammaji showing so much hatred towards her. Ganga gets milk for Ammaji and Ammaji is touched seeing Ganga’s concern for her. Ammaji asks Ganga if she still loves Sagar as much as she loves her. Ganga is silent and unable to tell Ammaji about her deep love and longing for Sagar.

It will now be seen that Ammaji will take wrong advantage of Ganga’s love for Sagar and she will make her unconscious. The baba and his accomplice will carry Ganga to the cemetery in her unconscious condition. Will Sagar be able to save his ladylove Ganga from baba’s evil intentions? Let’s wait and watch.

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