Gangaa:  Ammaji’s second attempt to get Ganga’s killed for Sagar

Jun 15, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) shocked seeing Ammaji and Ganga (Aditi Sharma) missing

The current track of Ganga is focused on Ammaji putting Ganga’s life in risk to fulfill the demands of the Dhongi baba. Ganga is taken in the middle of the night by the baba and his accomplice to the cemetery. Sagar doubts that Ganga is not in the room and Sagar goes to check on her. However, Ammaji diverts Sagar and does not allow him to enter the room.

On the other hand, Ganga regains consciousness and sees the Baba coming close to her with bad intensions. Ganga manages to throw dust in the Baba’s eye and escapes from there. The baba calls up Ammaji and tells her about Ganga escaping and Ammaji sets out to look for her. On the other hand, Sagar is restless as he thinks that Ganga is in trouble. Sagar goes back to Ammaji’s room to check on Ganga and gets shocked seeing that both Ammaji and Ganga are not there. Sagar finds Ammaji and Ganga together and questions about Ganga’s whereabouts. Ammaji lies to Sagar that Ganga has a habit of sleepwalking.

It will now be seen that Ammaji will once again take Ganga to the cemetery with the intentions of sacrificing her life. The family will come to know about this and will get worried for both of them. Sagar will attempt to save the love of his life Ganga as well as his Dadi. Will Sagar be able to save Ganga’s life? Will the family realize amaaji’s intentions of putting Ganga’s life in danger for Sagar’s sake? Looks like the upcoming episodes will bring in more interesting twists and turns for audiences. Star crossed lovers Ganga and Sagar will get seperated once again because of the dhoingi baba and Ammji will be held responsible for it.


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