Gangaa: Fans furious as Ganga forgets Sagar & romances with Shiv

Mar 01, 2017

Gangaa: Fans calls Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Shiv’s (Shakti Anand) pairing illogical and disgusting, miss Ganga and Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) romance

& TV’s show Gangaa is currently showing Gangaa leading a completely new life after the change in the plot. Viewers are seeing that Ganga has lost her memory and is now married to Shiv. Ganga and Shiv are seen coming closer and sharing romantic moments together. However, this revamp of Ganga is not going down too well with a large number of fans of the show. Many viewers think that Ganga living a completely new life is quite illogical and senseless. Gangaa has totally forgotten her marriage to Sagar as well as her daughter Krishna and is now focusing only on her new life. Slowly, the makers are trying to completely erase all the past memories of Sagar and Ganga’s love and are throwing all focus on Shiv and Ganga’s relationship. In the current plot, no one, including Ganga, bothers to know about Ganga’s past life. Ganga has fit into her new life without making efforts to seek knowledge about her past. Fans are very angry with Ganga and Shiv’s closeness and also call their relationship disgusting as Ganga is already married to Sagar. Going by the current plot of the show, it looks like Ganga will end up with Shiv rather than getting back to Sagar. What do you think guys? Is the plot change in Ganga justified or not? Does Ganga deserve to get back with Sagar or should she remain with Shiv? Do post in your views and suggestion.

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