Gangaa: Ganga and Sagar forgive each other to move apart

Jul 24, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) plan to help Ganga (Aditi Sharma) restart her law career

The current track of & TV’s show Gangaa is focusing on Sagar and Ganga getting convinced to forgive each other so that they can forget one another and move on. Rahat sees Ganga and Sagar having a war of words and realizes that the two still have love between them. However, Ganga tells Rahat that Sagar pointed a finger at her character and did not trust her at a time when she needed her love and trust. Ganga thinks that she can never forgive Sagar for what he did to her. On the other hand, Sagar is also angry with Ganga as his family’s respect got ruined because of her. Sagar too thinks that he cannot forgive Ganga because of her betrayal. Rudra advices Sagar that he will need to forgive Ganga in order to move on. Sagar gets convinced by Rudra’s words and he thinks that he will move on and will help Ganga in such a way that she can once again stand up on her feet and live a respectable life. Sagar will aid Rahat’s landlord to send a notice to Rahat to vacate her house. Ganga sees Sagar’s name on the notice paper and reaches the courtroom to confront him about it. Sagar will be seen instigating Ganga to fight the case to save Rahat’s house as he wants her to restart her law career. Will Ganga come to know about Sagar’s plan or will the bitterness increase between the two? Stay tuned to get more interesting updates on Gangaa.

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