Gangaa: Ganga and Sagar separated forever due to Ammaji’s blind faith                                                              

Jun 19, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) sets out to search for Ganga (Aditi Sharma) knowing that she has fallen in big trouble

The current track of Ganga is showcasing some high intensity drama with Ganga being trapped by the dhongi baba who plans to sell her off for money. Ammaji lies to the family about Ganga’s sleepwalking problem and everyone is surprised hearing this as they have never witnessed this earlier. Later, Ammaji puts a medicine in Ganga’s milk to make her unconscious. Ganga realizes that Ammaji has suspicious plan and therefore she throws away the milk. Ganga tells Ammaji that she drank the milk and then starts pretending to fall asleep.

Ammaji thinks that Ganga is unconscious and takes her out of the house in the middle of the night. Ganga continues with her pretense of being unconscious while she gets scared knowing that Ammaji is taking her to the crematorium. Once Ganga and Ammaji reach the place, the dhongi baba gets happy and finalizes the deal with the person who wants to buy Ganga. The dhongi baba puts Ganga on a pyre and Ganga decides to send a message to Sagar to reach there and help her.

On the other hand, Maharaji finds that the door of the house has been left open. Maharaji checks in Ammaji’s room and is shocked to see both Ammaji and Ganga missing. Maharaji informs Sagar about this and the entire family gets tensed. Sagar receives the message from Ganga asking him to come to the crematorium and Sagar gets tensed thinking that Ganga is in big trouble. Sagar and Pulkit set out to search for Ganga and Ammaji while Ganga is trapped with Dhongi baba.

It will now be seen that Dhongi baba will threaten to sacrifice Ganga’s life and Ammaji will not agree for it. Ganga will be locked inside a coffin and she will shout out for help. It will now be seen that Ganga and Sagar will get separated as Dhongi baba’s evil plan will take Ganga away from Sagar’s life.

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