Gangaa: Ganga and Sagar’s romance to bloom post Sagar’s freedom

Jun 08, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) rescues Ganga (Aditi Sharma) from Palash and gets released form jail

The wait is finally over for fans of & TV’s show Gangaa as Sagar and Ganga finally unit with each other after Sagar gets released from jail. Sagar comes to know about Ganga being captivated by Palash and runs away from the police to help her out. Sagar reaches the haveli where Ganga has been kept but Paalsh’s man threatens to kill him. Palash orders his goon to shoot Palash. Ganga hears the sound of a gunshot and thinks that Sagar has been killed. However, Sagar kills the goon and enters the haveli to rescue Ganga.

Sagar finds Mehri tied up and frees her. Just before the matter turns ugly, Pulkit, reaches there along with cops who arrest Palash. Palash has turned into an obsessive lover of Ganga and warns her that Sagar’s family will never accept her. Mehri gives her statement in court and Sagar finally gets acquitted in Janvi’s murderer case. Niranjan manages to prove that Yash is the real culprit for Janvi’s death and the search for Yash begins.

Once Sagar is out of jail, Ganga and Sagar hug each other and have an emotional reunion. Fans of the show will now get to see some romantic moments finally brewing between Ganga and Sagar. However, It will be interesting to see whether Ganga and Sagar’s relationship will get accepted by the Chaturvedi family or not.

On the other hand, a new problem starts to creep in for the Chaturvedi family as Ammaji gives all the jewelry and Cash to a dhongi baba who promises to get Sagar released from jail. Ammaji thinks that the dhongi baba’s prayers have helped to get Sagar back. However, Sagar’s family will be on the lookout for the dhongi baba. Let’s wait and see whether the dhoingi baba creates a new big problem in Sagar and Ganga’s life.

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