Gangaa: Ganga calls off marriage with Sagar as he does not trust her

Jul 11, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) refuses to give Agnipariksha to prove Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) to be father of her baby

The current track of & TV shows Ganga has taken a shocking twist with Ganga’s pregnancy news getting disclosed to everyone just few moments before the Ganga and Sagar’s marriage. Ganga becomes unconscious while taking the wedding rounds and a doctor is called immediately to check her. The doctor does further examination and then he break the news to the family about Ganga being pregnant.

Everyone is shocked hearing this and Ammaji also gets annoyed thinking that Sagar and Ganga took such a big step before marriage. However, Sagar cannot recall consummating his relation with Ganga and confronts her about it. Sagar tells Ganga that he does not remember anything and Ganga is hurt by Sagar’s words. Ganga makes Sagar recall the night of the party when they came close to each other but Sagar does not remember anything. Ganga asks Sagar whether he has a doubt that she has cheated on him and Sagar is speechless.

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Finally Ganga asks Sagar whether he has the slightest doubt that the child is not his and Sagar say yes. Ganga’s world comes crashing down hearing Sagar’s words and she realizes that the man she loved the most does not trust her. While the family is tensed for Sagar and Ganga, Ganga finally meets everyone and tells them that she cannot marry Sagar anymore. Ganga asks Ammaji to call off the wedding and she storms out of there being determined not to let Sagar play with her feelings any longer.

It will now be seen that Pulkit will asks Ganga to take the DNA test so that the matter can be resolved. However, Ganga will refuses for it as she will not be ready to give a test to prove herself. Ganga will make it clear to everyone that if Sagar and his family don’t trust her then there is no point for them to be in a relationship. This will be the beginning of Ganga’s new journey as she breaks all ties with Sagar and her family.

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