Gangaa: Ganga forced to tell Krishna about Sagar being his father

Sep 25, 2016

Gangaa: Krishna determined to know about her father and Ganga (Aditi Sharma) scared to reveal Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) name

The upcoming episodes of Gangaa will show that finally Krishna will get to know the shocking truth about Sagar being her father. Ganga has always told her daughter that she is both mother as well as father to her and Krishna believed Ganga’s words. However, Krishna and Ganga go to the passport office but the employee demands the father’s name on the application form. Krishna tells the man that she has no father and the man taunts Ganga. A big scene gets created in the passport office where Ganga is embarrassed being insulted in front of so many people. Krishna gets angry on the man as she believes that Ganga is right and everyone else is wrong. However, Krishna gets another shock as she visits the temple and the priest also tells her that no one can be born without a father and mother. Krishna realizes that Ganga has been hiding the identity of her father for so long and feels dejected by this. On the other hand, Kashish wants Ganga to tell Krishna about her father but Ganga is not ready for this. However, Krishna overhears Ganga and Kashish’s talks and gets determined to know the identity of her father. Will stubborn Krishna be able to force Ganga to revealed the truth about Sagar being her father? Stay tuned for more updates on & TV’s show Gangaa.

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