Gangaa: Ganga gets pregnant and Sagar refuses to accept her

Jul 05, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga (Aditi Sharma) consummate relationship but Sagar forgets about it

& TV’s show Gangaa is all set to showcase a huge twist in the storyline with Ganga getting pregnant in the upcoming episodes of the show. In the current track it is seen that Sagar gets intoxicated consuming a drink which has been spiked by Prabha. The drug makes the person lose his senses and will foret whatever he did the next morning. In his inebriated state, Sagar starts getting romantic with Ganga and carries her to his room.

Sagar gets intimate with Ganga and she gets cautious saying that they should wait till they are married. However, Sagar cuts his finger and applies his blood on her forehead saying that they are married now. Ganga is overwhelmed by Sagar’s actions and submits herself to him completely. Sagar and Ganga spend passionate moments together and consummate their relationship.

The next morning Ganga walks away from Sagar’s room and when Sagar wakes up, he does not remember anything about spending the night with Ganga. Later on, the pandit decides for the wedding muhurat after one month and Sagar and Ganga get happy knowing that they will finally get married.

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However, a major twist is all set to take place in the plot where Ganga will get discover to be pregnant juts one day before the wedding. Everyone will accuse Ganga of being characterless but she will try to defend herself saying that Sagar is the father of the child. However, Sagar will not recall his passionate night with Ganga and he will also believe that she cheated on him with someone else.

This will bring a major rift in Ganga and Sagar’s relationship.  Ganga will be devastated seeing that Sagar does not trust her. Ganga and Sagar’s marriage will be called off and Ganga’s life will be shattered in moments. What do you guys thinks of this tragic twist in Ganga and Sagar’s life? Do post in your comments and views in the box below.


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