Gangaa: Ganga shocked as Ragini blurts out her wish to marry Sagar

Jun 30, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga (Aditi Sharma) get saved as Ragini confesses on going into Sagar’s room

& TV’s show Gangaa takes another interesting twist as Sagar gets caught with mentally challenged Ragini in an intimate position. Sagar thinks that Ganga has come to meet him in the middle of the night and he starts to romance with her.

On the other hand, Rudra is tensed as Ragini has gone missing and he starts to look around everywhere for her. Rudra and the rest of the family land up in Sagar’s room and they get a huge shock seeing Sagar and Ganga in an intimate position. As the light come on, Sagar is shocked seeing that he was romancing with Ragini thinking her to be Ganga and he immediately moves away from her.

However, Rudra is furious with Sagar and threatens to kill him. Sagar tries hard to explain the situation to Rudra but completely loses his cool and lashes out at Sagar. The family asks Sagar to give and explanation and Sagar talks about all the events which took place that night. However, Rudra does not believe Sagar’s words and Ganga come there just then saying that she trusts Sagar completely. Ganga tells everyone that Sagar can never do such a cheap act and surely there must be some big misunderstanding.

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On the other hand, Ragini is sitting upstairs and Prabha meets her and threatens her not to blurt out the truth. Prabha threatens Ragini that he will kill her and Rudra if she speaks up against her. The family decides that they will confront Ragini to know the truth but they get shocked seeing that she has fallen off the balcony and is hanging between life and death. Sagar somehow manages to save Ragini and then Ragini gives everyone a big shocked when she announces that she wants to marry Sagar.

It will now be seen that the family will realize that Ragini had crated the whole misunderstanding and they will put the event behind and concentrate on Sagar and Ganag’s marriage preparations. Prabha will meet Yash and will decide to play an evil trick which will make Sagar hate Ganga so much that he will not want to see her face again. Let’s wait and see whether Prabha succeeds in her attempts to separate Ganga and Sagar.

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