Gangaa: Ganga’s childhood dreams to get shattered

Jul 10, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) loses consciousness before completing wedding rituals with Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha)

Ganga’s life is all set to take a huge turn in the upcoming episodes of Gangaa. Ganga dresses up to become a beautiful bride and is all set to marry the man of her dreams Sagar. Ganga thinks about all her childhood moments with Sagar and how she had accepted him as her husband in her younger days itself. Ganga recalls her journey from being an innocent little girl, who was married off in her childhood and suddenly became a widow overnight.

Ganga is overwhelmed thinking that she will finally unite with Sagar and get all the joys and happiness that she missed out on in her childhood days. Ganga sits in her Doli and imagines young Sagar leading her by holding her hand. While Ganga is emotional as well as ecstatic thinking about her new life ahead, she suddenly starts feeling dizzy. When Ganga reaches Sagar’s house, everyone notices that Ganga does not look too well but Ganga assures them that she is fine.

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Finally Sagar and Ganga sit in the wedding mandap and the wedding rituals start off. However, while Ganga and Sagar takes the wedding rounds, Ganga suddenly falls down becoming unconscious and everyone gets shocked. Prabha gets happy seeing this as she thinks that her poison laden pan has started to show its effect on Ganga. However, the upcoming episodes of the show will reveal that Ganga and Sagar did not consume the poisons pan. Sagar and Ganga’s wedding gets postponed because of Ganga’s ill health.

However, the biggest shocking twist will come about when the truth about Ganga’s pregnancy gets reveled to everyone. This twist will change the fate of Ganga and Sagar’s relationship forever and Ganga will move on to start a new life and a new journey. Stay tuned to get more interesting updates on the upcoming episodes of Ganga.

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