Gangaa: Ganga’s daughter Krishna mirror image of Sagar-Ganga

Aug 29, 2016

Gangaa: Krishna shares Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) looks and Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) anger

& TV’s long running and popular show Ganga has now gone in for another time leap and the focus of the show has now shifted to Ganga and Sagar’s daughter Krishna. Before the time leap it was seen that Sagar moved away from Ganga’s life forever blaming her for his family falling apart. Ganga gives birth to a baby girl but Sagar refuses to believe that it is his child. The show takes a 10 year leap and a grown up girl is shown taking part in the Janmashtami Dahi handi festival. The grown up girl is none other than Ganga and Sagar’s daughter Krishna. Krishna is zesty, spunky and full of life like Ganga but her anger is just like Sagar. Krishna fails to break the Dahi handi and starts blaming the other kids. Krishna also showers her anger on Ganga and blames her for not loving her enough.  Viewers get to see the strong mother-daughter bond between Ganga and Krishna who are happy being with one another and are also a support system for each other. On the other hand, Sagar is shown to be a rich and successful person who has also turned hard hearted. Sagar is no longer the emotional and vulnerable youngster and has turned into a man who thinks from his head and not heart. Sagar is living a life without love and dost not want to give anyone place in his heart. Sagar hates Ganga and cannot forget her betrayal. It will be interesting to see how Ganga and Sagar come together after so many years. Stay tuned for more updates on & TV’s show Gangaa.

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