Gangaa: Ganga’s future and career in Sagar’s hand

Jul 28, 2016

Gangaa: New misunderstandings to creep up between Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga (Aditi Sharma)

The upcoming episodes of Gangaa will showcase Ganga’s career being in the hands of Niranjan and Sagar as they are part of the board members team who has to take a decision whetehr to allow Ganga in the college or not. Ganga is tensed as the college principal cancels her registration from the college because of her pregnancy. Ganga is not ready accept the Principal’s decision and she takes the help of Raahat to organizes a rally outside the college to protest against her rustication. Finally, the police calls Gangaa in the office saying that the board members will decide whether to let her continue with the college or not. Ganga gets shocked seeing Sagar and Niranjan coming in along with the board members as legal advisors. Ganga gets emotional seeing them but at the same time she stands by her beliefs and feels that her education should not be hampered because of her pregnancy. Niranjan has gone completely against Ganga and does not have any sympathy for her anymore. On the other hand, Sagar supports Ganga but does not reveal it to anyone. It will soon be seen that the board members will take their decision and Ganga will wait with bated breathes to know what decision has been taken. Will the board members decide to keep Ganga out of the college? Will Ganga blame Sagar for her trouble? Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming episodes of Gangaa.


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