Gangaa: Janvi’s part evil deeds get exposed to Sagar and Janvi’s family

Jun 09, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) shocked knowing Janvi is real culprit for Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) MMS scandal

The current track of Gangaa shows that happiness is back in the Chaturvedi house after Sagar gets released from jail. Niranjan is able to prove that Yash is the real culprit for Janvi’s death.The police reaches Ratan’s house to catch Yash and tell Ratan about how Yash killed Janvi with an overdose of drugs. Ratan feels dejected knowing that he supported his son through all his crimes and therefore he has landed in such a big problem. Ratan lays out a plan where he gets Yash’s fingerprint on a glass of juice so that it can be produced in court as evidence. Prabha tells Yash about Ratan’s plan and Yash breaks the glass. However, the police reaches there and gets Yash arrested. On the other side, romance comes back in Sagar and Ganga’s life as Sagar thanks Ganga for sticking by him through all the turbulent times. Ganga confesses to Sagar that she has loved him ever since she understood life and will always be by his side. Ganga starts playfully teasing Sagar the family gets delighted seeing happiness back in their lives. Later, a pooja is organized for Janvi and Janvi parents come there. Janvi’s parents apologies to Sagar for blaming his wrongly. Janvi’s mother also thanks Ganga profusely for helping them to catch the real culprit of Janvi’s death. However, Janvi and Sagar’s family will soon get a big shock when they will come to know about Janvi’s past evil deeds. Yash will confess that Janvi had paid him money to do Ganga’s MMS scandal. Sagar’s family will be shocked to know that Ganga went through so much turmoil because of Janvi. Let’s wait and see whether Sagar’s family accepts Sagar and Ganga’s love.

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