Gangaa: Karan Tacker to enter as new man in Ganga’s life, Sagar may exit

Jul 17, 2016

Gangaa: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) starts new life with help from a lady (Nausheen Ali Sardar) while Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) threatens to leave house

The upcoming episodes of Gangaa will show Ganga starting a complete new life after leaving Sagra and his family forever. After Ganga walks out of Chaturvedi house, she is not sure about her life ahead as she has nowhere to go. Ganga gets harassed by goons and this is the moment when an angel steps into her life and saves her from losing herself respect.

Popular TV actress Nausheen Ali Sardar makes an entry in the show turning out to be a savior for Ganga. Nausheen’s character takes Ganga to her house and Ganga is surprised to see that there are only women living in her house. Ganga soon comes to know that her savior is indeed a person with a golden heart as she has given shelter to the other woman who had all been displaced from their houses due to circumstances. Ganga tells her new friends about her past and they all sympathize with her situation. Ganga thanks everyone for their support but also thinks that she should leave from there.

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However, the humble lady asks her to stay back and restart her life along with all of them. Ganga is overwhelmed seeing the love and support of everyone. On the other hand, Sagar thinks that all the problems faced by his family are because of him. Sagar thinks of leaving the house and going away. However, Rudra convinces Sagar to stay back for the sake of his family. It is speculated that Sagar will slowly turn into a weak character who was unable to sustain his relation with Ganga because of lack of trust and faith.

This will bring about the entry of a new man in Ganga’s life who will be a lot more mature and level headed as compared to Sagar. Reports suggest Sagar will slowly make an exit form Ganga’s life and this will lead to the entry of actor Karan Tacker as the new lead opposite Ganga. Will Ganga be able to love a new man and forget Sagar? Stay tuned for more updates

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