Gangaa: Krishna to spy on Ganga and Sagar to know past relationship

Sep 12, 2016

Gangaa: Krishna (Ruhana Khanna) to soon realize Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) relationship

The current track of & TV’s shows Ganga is showing that Sagar and Ganga has come face to face with each other once again and both experience a lot of emotional turmoil. The misunderstandings and bitterness between them will continue to remain even after so many years. Sagar and Ganga already have so many problems between them and very soon, the two will get into a big fight because of Pulkit and Kashish. In the upcoming episodes of the show it would get revealed that Sagar’s brother Pulkit is having as affair with Kashish and evil Zoya would reveal this truth so that Puikit’s relationship with Supriya would break up. Sagar will be shocked knowing about Pulkit and Kashish’s affair and will decide to go to Ganga and confront her about this. Sagar will start accusing Kashish in front of Ganga and will also call her characterless. Ganga will not be ready to believe Sagar’s words and will call his allegations false. Soon, a massive fight will take place between Sagar and Ganga and the two would eventually start to bringing up the faults in their relation. Sagar and Ganga would be so lost in the fight that they will not realize when Krishna will come there and witness everything,. Krishna will be shocked seeing Sagar and Ganga’s fight and will immediately realize that the two share a deep relationship which she is not aware about. Little Krishna will then turn into a spy as she will try to dig into Ganga and Sagar’s past relation. Let’s wait and see how Krishna will react knowing that Sagar is her father. Stay tuned for more updates on Gangaa.

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