Gangaa latest news: Ganga rejects Sagar’s pity and starts new life

Jul 12, 2016

Gangaa latest news: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) decides to leave Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) house forever after he questions her character

The latest episode of Gangaa showcased a heartbreaking track where Sagar and Ganga’s relationship gets ruined forever.  After the family discovers about Ganga’s pregnancy, everybody assumes that Sagar is the father of Ganga’s child. However, Sagar does not remember consummating his relationship with Ganga. Sagar also believes that the child is someone else’s and Ganga is shocked knowing that Sagar has a doubt on her character. Ganga decides that she will not marry Sagar anymore as she cannot be with someone who does not trust her.

Ganga is about to leave when Ammaji confronts her and slaps her. Pulkit suggests Ganga to take a DNA test to clear everyone’s doubt but Ganga refuses to give agnipariksha to prove her righteousness. Sagar accuses Ganga saying that she has done something wrong and therefore does not want to undergo the DNA test. Sagar demands Ganga to reveal the name of the person with whom she consummated her relation. Ganga is appalled by Sagar’s words and she loses all the respect and affection she once had for him.

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Suddenly, Sagar changes his tone and tells Ganga that he is ready to accept her and marry her despite of her mistakes. Ganga makes it clear to Sagar that she does not want to live on his pity. Ganga walks out of the house and Supriya and Madhvi try to stop her. However, Niranjan takes the final decision saying that if Ganga wants to leave, then no one should stop her. Sagar warns Ganga that if she walks out, she will never be allowed back in the Chaturvedi house. Ganga upholds her pride and self-respect and moves out of Sagar’s house being determined not to return to the place where she is not given the respect that she deserves.

The upcoming episodes will show that Ganga will not get shelter in the widow Ashram and some goons will also try to take advantage of her seeing that she is all alone. Who will turn out to be Ganga’s savior in these tough times? Will Rudra be the one to save Ganga or will she fight her battles by herself? Stay tuned to get more exciting updates on Gangaa.


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