Gangaa latest news: Gangaa to get pulled off air, reasons revealed

May 18, 2017

Gangaa latest news: Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Shiv to unite as show ends next month

Here is some interesting piece of news for all fans of & TV’s much loved show Gangaa. The show is all set to come to an end very soon in the first week of June. Gangaa had got launched in March 2015 and was one of the first show to air on & TV when the new channel got introduced. Unlike the other shows, Gangaa managed to instantly win the hearts of viewers and became a huge success. Ganga started off being a show about a child widow and her hopes and dreams to lead a free life despite of all the restrictions made against her. Almost one year down the line, Gangaa took a time leap of ten years and this brought about the introduction of adult Gangaa. The show now turned focus on Ganga and Sagar’s love story which faced several ups and downs where the love lovers could never unite. The show took another leap which showed Ganga with a grown up daughter Krishna who helps to reunite her parents Ganga and Sagar. Many fans of the show felt that the show should have come to an end with Sagar and Gaga getting back together. However, the makers had some different plans and turned the storyline in such a way that all old characters except for Ganga got eliminated and Ganga was seen leading a new life. Ganga was then paired up with Shiv and currently, viewers are seeing Ganga and Shiv’s love story shaping up. However, Ganga and Shiv’s track has not been liked by the ardent fans of the show and there have been many people who have stopped following the show since the beginning of the new track. Now that the show is suffering from very low TRP’s the makers are planning to bring an end to the show in the next month. Gangaa will be replaced by a new sow called Paramavtar Shri Krishna which is a mythological show based on Lord Krishna.

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