Gangaa latest news: Ganga’s trick to remove Shiv from her life; Shiv tries to keep Sagar’s promise

Mar 31 , 2017 | | No Comments

Gangaa latest news: Ganga (Aditi Gupta) comes up with plan to make sure Shiv leaves her post Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) death

& TV’s long running show Gangaa is soon going to show some difficult times between Ganga and Shiv as Ganga will want to remove shiv from her life. So far viewers have seen that after Sagar’s death, Ganga wants to lead her life as Sagar’s widow rather than being Shiv’s wife.

However, Sagar did not want Ganga to be alone after his death and he had asked Shiv to make a promise to him that he would take care of Ganga after he died. On one side, Ganga wants to lead her life dedicated to Sagar and on the other side, Shiv will be in a dilemma as he has to keep his promise made to Sagar. However, Ganga will be determined to remove Shiv from her life. The upcoming twist of the show will take place as Ganga will make a plan to remove Shiv from her life.

Shiv will try to convince Ganga to stay with him but Ganag will not agree for it at all. Later, some villagers will come to meet Shiv and Ganga will decide to put up with some drama to ensure that Shiv will leave her. Ganga will purposely do some antics to embarrass Shiv in front of the villagers and this will make Shiv quite humiliated. Ganga will be sure that her tick will work and Shiv will leave her for good.  It will be interesting to see whether Ganga’s trick will work and whether Shiv will leave her or not.

Stay tuned for future story updates and latest news on Gangaa.

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