Gangaa latest news: Here’s why Sagar aka Vishal Vashishtha will never return to show

Mar 03, 2017

Gangaa future story: Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) reunion may never take place as Vishal Vashishtha has quit the show

& TV’s show Gangaa has taken all fans and viewers by complete shock with the sudden change in the storyline of the show as Ganga has started a whole new life with Shiv. Ganga completely forgets her past life with Sagar and her daughter Krishna and she begins a new journey with Shiv and his family. Ganga is now seen dealing with new troubles coming her way being Shiv’s wife but fans of the show are upset seeing that Gnaga’s past life has been totally erased by the makers. Ganga is seen sharing romantic encounters with Shiv and this is quiet upsetting for fans who believe that Ganga should only be with Sagar. The makers are not giving any clues whether Ganga will return to her earlier life and reunite with Sagar and her other family members. Many fans want to know what will happen when Ganga will recover her memory and whether she will return to Sagar. However, a latest development has taken off-screen which gives quiet a clear indication that Ganga may never reunite with Sagar. Actor Vishal Vashishtha, who is seen as Sagar has signed up for a new show of Sony TV called Jaat Ki Jugni where he is seen in a leading role. This is a clear indication that Vishal will not be returning to Gangaa anytime soon. There is also possibility that Vishal may never return to the show and could have quit Ganga for good. This only means that Ganga’s past is soon going to be forgotten and viewers will have to accept the new relationship of Shiv and Ganga. Ganga and Shiv will now be the new lead pair of Gangaa replacing the much loved Sagar and Ganga Jodi. Let’s wait and see how long the show can last with this new Jodi taking center stage. Stay tuned for latest news, upcoming twists and futures story on Gangaa.

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