Gangaa latest news: Rudra turns savior for Ganga and Sagar

Jul 06, 2016

Gangaa latest news: Rudra saves Ganga (Aditi Sharma) and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) from livewire and spoils Prabha’s plan

The current track of & TV’s show Gangaa has taken a one year time leap as the Pandit tells the family that the best mahurat for the marriage is only after  a month. The entire family starts to prepare for the wedding and Prabha starts burning in jealousy as all her plans to separate Sagar and Ganga get failed.

However, Prabha does not lose an opportunity to create tension in the house as she reminds Ganga in front of all the guests about her widow status. Ammaji immediately takes Ganga’s side and gives Prabha a befitting reply. Prabha feels insulted by Ammaji’s words and vows that she will not let Ganga and Sagar’s wedding get completed peacefully.

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On the other side, Sagar and Ganga’s cute romance continues to take place before the wedding but it is quite clear the Sagar does not have any memory of the two of them consummating their relationship. Soon, the Haldi ceremony starts off and Ganga and Sagar sit beside one another as family members adorn them with haldi. Prabha also applies haldi on the two of them but her mind is filled with venom against the happy couple.

Prabha thinks to create a big scene amid the haldi ceremony and therefore she puts a livewire in the water bucket which would be used to wash off the haldi form Sagar and Ganga. It will now be seen that the Haldi ceremony will get over and Madhvi will ask Sagar to bring the bucket of water. At the same time, Rudra will notice the livewire inside the bucket and will get tensed. Sagar will be about to dip his hand in the bucket when Rudra will warn him about the danger. Prabha’s plan will get flopped once again as Rudra will turn out to be a savior for Ganga and Sagar.


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