Gangaa latest news: Sagar and Ganga’s cold war coming face to face

Sep 08, 2016

Gangaa latest news: Krishna prays to meet Sagar again, Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) and Ganga (Aditi Sharma) come face to face

& TV’s popular show Ganga is finally going to showcase the much awaited moment as Sagar and Ganga will once again come face to face with each other once again after many years. The current track shows that Sagar meets Krishna in the jungle and realizes that she is Ganga’s daughter seeing her resemblance to her. Sagar and Krishna spend a good time together in the jungle and later Sagar drops off Krishna to her house. Krishna wants to meet Sagar again but he tells her that they will never meet. Krishna asks Sagar to give her a 10 rupee note as a remembrance of spending a joyful time with him in the jungle. When Krishna returns home, Ganga is overwhelmed to have her back and Krishna tells her about how a man saved her. Krishna describes the man who saved her and Ganga is tensed as her description is so similar to Sagar. It will now be seen that Krishna will take the special 10 rupee note to the temple and will pray to meet Sagar once again.  As fate would have it, Sagar will also reach there with Ammaji. As soon and Krishna will see Sagar, she will rush to hug him and Ganga will be shoked to know that Sagar was the man who saved Krishna. Sagar and Ganga will both be stunned to face each other once again after so many years. Let’s wait and see whether Ganga and Sagar will confront each other or there will be a cold war between them.

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