Gangaa latest news: Sagar gets accused of molesting Ragini

Jun 28, 2016

Gangaa latest news: Ragini takes Ganga’s place as Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha) romances Ganga (Aditi Sharma)

The upcoming episodes of Gangaa will show that Prabha will use her evil mind to make sure that Sagar and Ganga don’t get married to each other. Prabha has promised to Yash that she will take his revenge by creating havoc in the chaturvedi house. Prabha pretends to be a helpless widow but her intentions are to create a big rift amid Sagar and Ganga who are her biggest enemies.

In the current track of the show, it I seen that Ammaji decides to get Sagar and Ganga married. Ammaji announces to the entire family about her decision and everyone is happy. However, Ragini is upset hearing this news as she has a fascination towards Sagar. Ragini is not mentally stable and thinks that she will get married to Sagar. Ammaji returns the jewelry box which Ganga had given her and Ganga is overwhelmed getting back her father’s ornaments which are linked to her father’s memories.

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Ragini sees Ganga with the jewelry box and asks about it. Sagar jokes with Ragini saying that the jewelry belongs to the one who will be his wife. Ragini thinks that she is the rightful owner of the jewelry as she assumes that Sagar will marry her. While Ragini tries on the jewelry, Prabha sees her and immediately starts hatching her evil plan to use Ragini as a pawn to separate Ganga and Sagar.

It will now be seen that Prabha will make Ragini dressed up like Ganga in order to execute her plan.  Prabha will get Ragini to take Ganga’s place while Sagar tries to romance with her. Sagar will get intimate with Ragini thinking her to be Ganga. A big drama will get created as Ragini will accuse Sagar of molestation and Ganga will be helpless seeing Sagar getting dragged in another big problem.

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