Gangaa latest news: Savior woman helps Ganga to restart a new life

Jul 14, 2016

Gangaa latest news: A new woman enters Ganga’s (Aditi Sharma) life helping her to rebuild her life

The current track of Gangaa has finally taken a positive twist as a savior enters Ganga’s life to give her    shelter from the adversities she has been facing. Ganga is in a big dilemma after breaking  her marriage with Sagar and she has nowhere to go as the Ashram ladies do not allow her. Ganga is left without any choice and waits by the roadside hoping that her destiny will show her the right path.

Prabha reaches there and instigates Ganga to move out of the city and start a new life as people in Benaras will not let her live peacefully. Ganga decides to move to Allahabad and also sit in the taxi waiting to begin her new life in a new city. However, Ganga suddenly thinks that it would be a big cowardice on her part to run away from the situation. Ganga feels that she will stay back in Benaras and fight for her right. Ganga gets out of the Taxi and decides to stay in Benaras itself and make a life for herself and her child.

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However, some goons start following Ganga. Ganga is alone with the goons in an alley when suddenly a few girls in Karate clothes reach there and beat up the goons. The girls are headed by a woman who encourages the girls to trash up the goons. After the goons leaves, the woman asks Ganga to join her for a cup of tea and Ganga reluctantly agrees.

The woman tries to probe Ganga about her problems and also offers her to live in her house for a few days till her life gets sorted out. The woman comes to know about Ganga’s pregnancy and advices Ganga to take her help. The upcoming episodes will show Ganga entering the woman’s house and beginning a new and independent life.

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