Gangaa: Prabha pushes Ganga into bigger trouble

Jul 13, 2016

Gangaa: Sagar’s (Vishal Vashishtha) family tries to remove every memory of Ganga (Aditi Sharma)

The upcoming episodes of Gangaa will show evil Prabha once again playing her nasty tricks as she will try to get Ganga into more trouble. After Ganga leaves Sagar’s house, she goes to the widow Ashram to get shelter. However, the women at the widow ashram don’t want to accept her as they think that she is characterless. Ganga gets thrown out of the Ashram and she is in despair as she has no place to go.

On the other side, Ammaji thinks that that everyone is the family should completely dissociate themselves from Ganga and forget her as she has brought them a great deal of shame and disrespect. Niranjan is sad looking at Ganga’s childhood pictures but Ammaji advices him to let go of all her memories.

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Sagar is still not able to cope with the sudden turn of events in his life and his family is sad seeing him in a such a condition. Ammaji thinks that she will throw out all of Ganga’s belongs from the house so that no sign of her should remain there. Prabha offers to go to the Ashram and give back Ganga her things but Prabha gets a big surprise when she comes to know that Ganga is not living in the ashram.

On the other hand, Ganga is homeless and spends her time and on street. Some men see her and stare at her leeringly but Ganga cannot do anything about it. It will soon be seen that Prabha will once again try to trap Ganga and will ask her to leave from Benaras forever. Ganga will sit in a car with some unknown people but she will not be aware about the dangers lying ahead for her. Let’s wait and see how Ganga is able to save herself and her baby and start a new life.

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